WaterJet CNC system

Main Features:

  • Italy made ECS brand CNC software, mature and stable
  • Bus motion control with EtherCAT
  • Interface personalization. It is possible to put a generic image on the main page (for instance the builder’s logo), to define the PLC keys menu, and to control from the PLC the displaying of totally configurable and interactive windows
  • Retrace mode: used to reposition the cutting head at any point on the profile which has already been processed
  • Real time graphics: the program is provided with a manual and/ or an automatic zoom to visualize the plate contour
  • Automatic restore after work stoppage. After repositioning on the profile, there is the option to return to tangential or linear mode, with activation of cutting on or external to the profile
  • Graphics research: setting of the cutting start point
  • Procedures: acquisition and automatic management of plate misalignment
  • Possibility to suspend the current operation, to begin another and, at the end, to automatic restart the first one
  • DRF modus: this modus allows the real time translation of the profile origin
  • Based on Window 8 operating system, Hardware Architecture Quad core(Intel); Built‐in network card to support WIFI, convenient for remote technical support and commission; Integrated USB port, HDMI port, VGA port and RJ45
  • Can provide Chinese and English multi‐language operation interface
  • Built‐in ECSCAM programming software that allows:

Supports various graphic data formats such as DXF and CAM. CAM format is the internal graphics save format of EASYCAM.

Automatically optimizes when importing external files such as DXF, including: Remove duplicate lines, merge the lines, remove tiny graphics, etc. Each of the above functions can be customized or manually executed.

Automatically takes the point in the DXF file as the starting point for the cut, and uses the drawing order as the default cut order.

Support common editing and typesetting functions, including zoom, pan, mirror, rotate, align, copy, etc.

Set lead‐in lines, kerf compensation, micro‐connection, bridging, over‐cutting, etc. in a WYSIWYG manner.

For closed part graphics, automatically distinguish between the inner and outer contours, and determine the direction of the kerf compensation according to the inner and outer contours, automatically set the lead‐in, output the kerf compensation code or adjust the graphics to fit the kerf.

Supports pre‐setting of lead‐in, arbitrarily modifying the cutting direction Support multiple array methods.

Flexible automatic sorting and manual sorting functions.