Press Brake NOVASTILMEC SHP 150/85

Name: NOVASTILMEC SHP 150/85 Press Brake
Manufacturer: NOVASTILMEC
Model / Type: SHP 150/85
Year of manufacture: 2005
Machine available: immediately
Machine condition: used
pressure: 150 tons
pressing length: 8,550 mm
distance between columns: 7,050 mm
control: KVARA – KVR 2002 PC001 –
stroke: 230 mm
total power requirement: 15 kW
Weight approx.: 30,000 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 9,000 x 2,500 x 2,400 mm

CNC Press Brake AMADA HFE100-3

Name: AMADA HFE100-3 CNC Press Brake
Item No.: 450717
Manufacturer: AMADA
Model / Type: HFE100-3
Year of manufacture: 2006
Machine available: immediately
Machine condition: used
pressing length: 3,100 mm
number of controlled axles: 7
Weight approx.: 7,500 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 4,210 x 2,450 x 2,860 mm

DC 163

Inverter with single phase input for MMA and Liftig direct current (DC) welding.


Inverter with single phase input for MMA and Liftig direct current (DC) welding. Excellent welding properties in basic and rutile electrodes, with adjustable Hot Start and Arc Force and pulsed MMA function for overhead, gapped workpieces, or different material thicknesses welds improving the end of the weld bead. Arc Off function that allows extinguish the arc at an adjustable distance without damaging the workpiece and pulsed Liftig option. Compact, lightweight and portable with handle and adjustable shoulder strap. Low power consumption and overvoltage protection system, allowing connection to generators. Essential equipment for virtually all industries and services, whether for indoor use or outdoors with ease of use and several functionalities. VRD version equipped with Voltage Reduction Device to reduce the no load voltage at the machine terminals.


Input voltage (V):
3X400 (+/- 10%)
Frequency (Hz):
Max. primary current (A):
Maximum input power (KVA):
No load voltage (V):
Current adjustment (A):
Wire diameter (mm):
Wire speed (m/mm):
Post gas time (sec):
Protection degree:
IP 21S
Insulating class:

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HiFocus 80i

The HiFocus 80i is the smallest high-precision plasma cutting unit worldwide. It covers a cutting range from 0.5 mm to 25 mm. It provides highest quality when cutting thin and medium-sized sheets with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. A wide range of special torches and various fields of application in connection with robot systems make it ideal for the automotive industry.

Technical Data

Power source
Mains voltage*
Cutting current at 100% duty cycle
Cutting range
Dimensions (L x W x H)
HiFocus 80i
3x 400 V, 50 Hz
10 – 80 A
0.5 – 25 mm
up to 15 mm
1000 x 510 x 1020 mm
161 kg
Plasma torch PerCut 80/90
*Other voltages and frequеncies on request.


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Plasma Cutting



Submerged Arc Welding

XPR300 plasma cutting system

Cut faster and use fewer consumables with the new XPR300™ mechanized plasma cutting system. Meet the new plasma.

The new XPR300™ represents the most significant advance in mechanized plasma cutting technology, ever. This next generation system redefines what plasma can do by expanding its capabilities and opportunities in ways never before possible. With unmatched X-Definition™ cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the new XPR300 increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs. New ease-of-use features and engineered system optimization make the XPR300 easier to run with minimal operator intervention, while also ensuring optimal performance and unmatched reliability.


Maximum open-circuit voltage (U0) 360 VDC
Maximum output current 300 A
Maximum output power 66.5 kW
Output voltage 50 VDC–210 VDC
100% duty arc voltage 210 V
Duty cycle rating 100% at 66.5 kW, 40° C (104° F)
Operational ambient temperature range -10° C–40° C (14° F–104° F)
Power factor 0.98 at 66.5 kW
Cooling Forced air (Class F)
Insulation Class H
EMC emissions classification (CE models only) Class A
Lift points Top lift eye weight rating 680 kg (1,500 lb.)





Hydraulic Punching and Shearing Machine MX700

All purpose ironworker machine MX700 NARGESA more than 70 tons. Its neck, displacement and wide working table turn it into a very versatile tooling: It pierces, folds, cuts, inlays, etc…

The Hydraulic Punching machine MX700 NARGESA, is characterized by its versatility, it can make several working functions like punching in metal sheet, flat bar, pipe, angle, U profile, T profile, UPN, IPN… Bending, Cutting, inlaying, punching, pipe notching tube, embossing… it can be adapted any kind of tooling, even one made by the customer himself. Its versatility and easy use, makes it an essential item for a metal working workshop.

All products Nargesa are according to the European CE normatives and regulations for the manufacturing of industrial machinery.

Technical features:

  • Hydraulic power: 70 Tn.
  • Working speed: 9 mm/seg.
  • Return speed: 14 mm/seg.
  • Punch displacement: 160 mm.
  • Neck: 350 mm.
  • Table dimensions 600×350 mm.
  • Swinging front safety protection.
  • Activation with safety pedal.
  • Digital display.
  • Parts and strokes counter.
  • Alarm diagnose.
  • Motor power: 5,5 KW/ 7,5 HP.
  • Tension 3 phase: 400 V.
  • Palletized lower bench to move it easily to the working site or storage.
  • The machine is delivered completely mounted.
  • Packaging with steel pallet and 3-layered cardboard box suitable for sea freight.
  • Optional: Complete fumigated wooden packaging NIMF15.


All kinds of punches can be supplied: round ones, square, oval, locks punches… Punching can be also made in a pipe.


There are a lot more applications for it. More than 40 standard tooling to make different jobs. (See OPTIONAL TOOLING, at the bottom of the page).


If the customer requires it we can manufacture under-request tooling to make all kinds of parts.


It is different from the rest of the other multifunctional universal punching machines because of its 350mm gooseneck, 160mm displacement and wide working table that allows to fit any kind of tooling. Many of our customers make their own tooling.
Fast change of tooling, max. 30 seconds.
Displacement adjustment allows an increase on productivity.
There is no maximum dimension for punching.


All Nargesa Hydraulic Punching Machines are equipped with the punching tool that include the fitting nut for punches and the base holder for dies. The rest of accessories are optional, which means each customer equips his machine as desired.

All our products are manufactured in our facilities in Spain. Hydraulic and electrical components are all standard from the best leading European trademarks with technical support all over the world: Rexroth, Bosch, Roquet, Schneider Electric, LG, Telemecanique, Pizzato etc…


Ironworker Machines
40 Tons and 70 Tons Hydraulic Ironworker Machines

Section Bending Machines
Hydraulic and mechanic section bending machine

Twisting / Scroll Bending Machines
Scroll Machine for Artistic cold Forging

Horizontal Press Brakes
Horizontal press brake NARGESA PP200 multifunction

End Wrought Iron Machines
End Hot Forging Machines PC16 and NF70

Gas Forges
NEW forging furnaces 1, 2 and 3 burners

Iron embossing machines
Iron embossing machine NOA60 for Artistic cold Forging

Power Hammers
Power hammer for Artistic Forging 50 and 60 Kg.

Hydraulic Shear Machines
Vertical cut hydraulic guillotines

Hydraulic Press Brakes
CNC Prerss Brakes

Presses For Locks
Fast and accurate perforation of the lock case, handle and lock hole in pipe. Suitable for 85% of locks models in the market.

Welding Positioners
Welding positioners compatible with any welding machine in the market.

Broaching Machines
Broaching machine to make keyways up to 25mm

FIBERMAK Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

We hereby present Fibermak Momentum Gen-3 with its re-newed design, dynamic lines, high productivity, perfect cut quality, ergonomic details thought for your needs and high cutting speed capacity.


  • 4 Axis (X, Y, U, Z)
  • Servo Motor
  • Auto – focus cutting head
  • Laser Source
  • Chiller Unit
  • Clean-dry air system
  • Safety Cabinet
  • Automatic-Dual Shuttle Table
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • 15’’ Touchscreen Controller
  • Conveyor
  • Warning Lamp
  • Nozzle Set
  • Nozzle cleaning and height calibration table


  • Linear motor technology
  • 0.5 kW, 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW and 6 kW laser source options
  • Extraction unit.
  • Light protection barrier
  • Pneumatic sheet support system for easy sliding
  • Air conditioner for automation panel
  • Metalix, Almacam etc. CAD/CAM software
  • Nozzle changer
  • LCM (laser cut monitor) sensor for piercing control and cut-loss control
  • Automatic sheet loading system
  • Momentum Gen-3 G Force
  • Full Automatic sheet loading – unloading system (TOWER)


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Press Brake

Plasma Cutting

Punch Press

Shear Cutting