About Us

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Our motto is:
“We say what we do,
                                  We do what we say”

Since 2012, we supply machines for metal fabrication, assembly, engineering, prototyping, as well as installation and maintenance services and more.
We are capable of delivering machines of all kinds and sizes, we continue providing services of highest quality so far.
We offer machines and equipment such as lasers, plasma cutting machines, sheet metal shears, bending machines, tube cutting, tube bending machines, roll bending machines, milling machines, drilling, turning, sand blasting, painting machines, powder coating machines, MIG welding and TIG welding machines for the manufacturers of a variety of OEM parts from stainless steel, aluminium, brass and carbon steel.

By equipping your company with our machines, you can avoid secondary suppliers and benefit savings in cost and time for the manufacturing of your products.

“ If you can draw it, there is a machine able to produce it!”

We are ambitious, reliable and motivated to be an active partner in your success.

Detelina Atanasova